Essential New Puppy Products

new puppy productsPreparing for your new puppies arrival is an exciting time. But it can sometimes seem overwhelming to figure out exactly which essential new puppy products you’ll need and what the necessary supplies should be. Here is a list of essential items to get you started as well as our recommended products.



New Puppy Products List

  • An indoor portable playpen or closed off area
  • Dog Food, kibbles and good quality canned food
  • A puppy bed
  • Traveling pet options
  • Puppy crate (for S size app. 14″H x 16″D x 24″L)
  • Extra crate to be left in another location in your home
  • Non-toxic, safe toys
  • Water bowl (ceramic or glass)
  • Leash (size 4′), harness, collar, ID tags
  • Dog bones (especially for teething), no rawhide
  • Clothing for inclement weather
  • Blanket or snuggly
  • Dog brush
  • Wire Tooth comb (we recommend for puppies with thick, wavy coats)
  • Lots of newspaper or pee pads
  • Puppy toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Toys; soft and durable for teething
  • Shampoos – non-toxic
  • Tear Stain control (if lighter coat)
  • Nail clippers
  • A certified puppy car seat
  • Nutrical (Fortical) high caloric gel to combat low blood sugar for puppies less than 3 lbs.
  • Both companies below have well-priced items for purchase. Click on images to go to their store.